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Hello fika participants! Start by reading the following text aloud:

Fika is an important part of Swedish culture. It might seem like it’s only about drinking coffee and eating cinnamon rolls, but it’s so much more than that. To many it is a daily ritual, a refreshing break between meals that adds some sparkle to an ordinary day. Fika is a way to meet other people. And that is where change starts, in the meeting with others. So put your prejudices aside and allow yourself to open up for new insights, knowledge and ideas!

How it works:
• Put the rest of the world on silence to be able to focus fully on the person or people you have in front of you.
• Be sure to prepare som fika. That could be a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you need to stay focused during this conversation.

Does everyone feel ready to dive in? Then let’s start!



What do we have in common? Read the suggestions below and choose three things that all of you share.

Enjoy when it’s raining

Gets up before 6 AM

Sings in the shower

Sleeps with socks on

Doesn’t like to talk about myself

Doesn’t eat breakfast

Eats kiwi with the peel

Read printed newspapers

Saving up for something

Enjoys traveling by train

Talks to myself

Am a soccer team supporter

Dream about something

Doesn’t like to talk about myself


Who are you? Answer the questions in order as every answer opens up for the next question.

1. What roles do you have in your life?

2. What annoys you?

4. Is there anything I/we need to know about you to understand you better?

3. What makes you laugh?



What feelings and thoughts would you like to share right now?

Help each other to be curios! Why are those feelings and thoughts important in your life right now?



1. What dreams do you have?

2. In the best of worlds, what would you like to have accomplished in the year to come? Big or small!


3. Is there anything I/we can do for you to help you reach you goals?



Thank yourself and the other participants for taking the time to listen to each other!


Who know what this conversation might lead to?

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